The Orbofi team is a remote-first team that is spread out around the globe, that comprises people from Ubisoft, Microsoft, and other top-tier companies. The Orbofi team is a combination of crypto and blockchain-native developers, 3D environments artists, researchers, world-travelers, virtual world creators, and dreamers.
  • Founder: Benjelloun Oussama, an early Crypto activist, who started his career in San Francisco and then Shenzhen, China, started working on branded-NFTs in early 2018, and acted as Head of community at EPIK prime, the leading NFT licensing tech company - Putting brands in video games and metaverse platforms - and Lead blockchain ecosystem at ThreeFold, the world's largest Peer-to-peer cloud. He also Preivoulsy founded, a community-building and token sale development firm. While working on expanding the Blockchain and NFT ecosystems on different fronts, Oussama went on to Journey the world to study and meet different communities around the world, which lead him to the genesis of Orbofi.
  • Co-founder: Pablo Gallego Sanchez, Ubisoft Bucharest, that has worked on some of the most renowned AAA games with various top-rated game publishers
  • Co-founder and Core Game developer: Kevin Amores, Ubisoft UK, is an experienced game developer that has worked on different game development verticals across multiple top AAA games that Ubisoft has launched throughout the years.
  • Core Smart contract developer: Piyush Gupta, an ex-Microsoft, and a shadowy super coder, a wizard in solidity, and DevOps.
  • Blockchain engineer: Elisha bualalu, an open-source activist, and a blockchain engineer with 5 years of experience building blockchain apps and smart-contracts covering different use cases.
  • Game Developer: Majd Bennani: Unity-focused Developer with more than 10+ years of experience in various countries
  • Marketing Lead: Daniil , previously worked at, a top 10 cryptocurrency exchange, as a marketing manager
  • Head of Design: Anton, 3D and AR/VR designer, renowned in the 3D design community. Some of his work has been featured on the Binance NFT Marketplace.
  • UI/UX designer: Zaini Ahmad, experienced UI/UX designer who worked with multiple world renowned organizations based in Indonesia and across Asia
  • Data scientist: Younes Elchaheb. A highly skilled data scientist who focuses on data-backed business intelligence, Data visualization, and bringing meaning to data. Younes has worked with tier 1 start-ups in Paris, France.
  • Community Lead: David Nordhoff
  • 3D environment designer: Amir Baqian, founder at ACE agency, a famous design agency, recognized by, who creates outstanding designs from a UI/UX perspective, rigged animations, and 3D environment design.