The Orbofi Impact DAO

The Orbofi Impact DAO - Proving that Crypto is a force for good.

The Orbofi Impact fund is a transparent, community-run, and community-owned treasury that is solely focused on solving social problems around the world, and even in the most remote areas of our world. Every $OBI holder, and Governance participant, will be able to propose or vote on Social actions to take around the world.
The Orbofi team, and the Orbofi community, are working on creating an extremely immersive, inclusive, and rewarding Open virtual world ( Ideology ) but as a team of world explorers, researchers, and technologists who explored all corners of this world and reached unchartered territories, We have our feet deeply rooted on the ground and have experienced first-hand different social problems around Earth and have done our parts throughout the years.
The Orbofi Impact fund is doing something about it. Code and smart-contracts run it, not Law.

Fee collection and distribution model

Orbofi Collects a 5% fee on every Tx happening on its ecosystem ( Revenue model ), which gets distributed as such:
  • 30% of the fees collected by Orbofi go to $OBI Stakers
  • 60% goes to the Orbofi treasury
  • 10% to the Orbofi impact fund
Fees can be paid in $OBI, $ETH, $AVAX or $MATIC, depending on the chain being used. Multiple actions within the Orbofi Social metaverse only can be completed with $OBI.
Anyone will be able to participate in the Orbofi Governance, and in the Orbofi impact fund.
All funds in the Impact Fund treasury are continuously locked. In order to allocate and unlock resources to a specific Social action, The process goes through transparent voting by the Orbofi Governance, and deployment.
Last modified 4mo ago