Community Tokens

Community token as ERC721 - cNFTs

Community tokens are ERC721 tokens ( and ERC20 in Q3), that act as an access pass to a community Orb and to is ow virtual world, and act as a stake in the revenue generated by that Orb.
here's how you can create your own community token as a cNFT, and set up its economics in 2 steps :
CNFTs can be purchased directly from the Community Orb, and can be sold either on the Orbofi Marketplace, or on third-party NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea

Decentralized community token issuance

There is no central party that mints all the tokens and holds all the supply, the community creator only activates the contract that enables people to mint their own community token based on the parameters inputted by the community creator.

Visuals and formats of your community token - cNFT

by default, the cNFT visuals come as a hologram keycard with the image you upload, but you have full control over the visuals, and also file formats of your community token, by either uploading a standard image, GIF, and in the future, video and audio formats as well.
in its theoretical foundation, a cNFT is a tokenized representation of a community, that brings people together who relatively share the same interest, goal, and belief, acting as well as a medium of exchange. A community, and its cNFT, don't have to be represented as an image, but they can be represented in any format possible- a video, a sound, a piece of code, a document etc..
in its technical foundation, Community tokens on Orbofi can now be created by uploading images, and GIFs and in the near future, videos, and sounds will be added as well as other formats.

Community token as ERC20 (Q3 2022)

community tokens as ERC20 tokens will act as the in-community currency and the official medium of exchange - more info coming soon

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