What are Community Orbs

Orbofi enables people to create Community Orbs : their own decentralized community spaces ( decentralized version of sub-reddits, discord servers, or facebook groups) + their own community tokens ( that governs their collective economical and incentive layer) + their own Metaverse Land

Community Orbs:

Orbofi enables you to create, in a few clicks, Community Orbs, that consist of 3 elements that form an Orb : decentralized community space + community token + virtual land.
  • Your own decentralized community space: decentralized version of subreddits, discord servers, or Facebook groups. Community spaces are token-gated pages where people can share various forms of content( long or short format, images, videos, links, and Voice notes), that are all hosted on decentralized cloud infrastructure, and are censorship-resistant ( no one can censor you, not even us).
  • Your own Community tokens (cNFTs): Community tokens act as access keys to a token-gated community Orb, and act as a non-fungible or fungible share of a community, entitling every holder to a stake of all the revenue generated within that Orb . Token holders of a specific community are the ones able to read/write content, connect with people in that space, and access/build/monetize the Community Metaverse land. Community tokens need to be staked within the orb, to be able to receive stakes in the revenue ( cNFT sales, Land sales, collectibles/merchandise sale, and in the future, in-community ads and other sources of income for community creators and members)
  • Your own Community Metaverse Land Community MetaVerse Lands are community-Owned virtual worlds, deployed on the Blockchain of your choice, that are totally decentralized, fully customizable, fully owned, and fully Monetized by its creators and members.