What is Orbofi

Welcome to the Orbofi Society
Orbofi is the ultimate AI-generated content layer and AI asset factory and distribution platform for web3, games, and the metaverse. Orbofi empowers individuals to create AI-generated game assets and media assets in seconds with AI, tokenize them on the blockchain, and monetize their assets and virtual factories for crypto. Orbofi is on a mission to make imagination a collective and incentivized experience and to power the current and next evolution of user-generated virtual factories, economies, stories, 3D worlds, and gamified experiences with AI and blockchain. The more the world turns virtual, the more virtual factories that can generate hundreds and thousands of assets in seconds, become important in the new internet experience, identity, and internet economy. AI is only positively boosting this transition and democratizing asset creation, for everybody, everywhere.

What you can do with Orbofi

1) Create AI-generated 2D assets, for games, media, and the metaverse, tokenize them on the blockchain and Sell them for crypto:

You can create AI assets using different frameworks. Text-to-image, image-to-image, depth-to-image, and many more possibilities along the way that enable individuals around the world to create high-quality assets, better, and faster. The importance of blockchain tokenization is to empower you to own your prompts, and your creations, and be able to monetize them in a permissionless way.

2) Create virtual good factories, and earn when people use them

The engine that runs virtual good factories, aka AI models, is powered by the Dreambooth training framework, originally released and open-sourced by google AI to train diffusion models. Dreambooth is particularly effective at recognizing patterns of the data that has been trained on and thus producing similar results to the data it has been trained on. You can create any kind of virtual good factory for any kind of asset, whether for characters, props, architecture/buildings, environments, collectibles, natural elements, UI components/GUI, photography, marketing assets, logos, terrains, maps, and literally anything you have in mind, you can create a factory for, that people can use to generate from, and thus monetizing your factory along the way.

The power of aggregating user-generated AI models to enhance one comprised, open-source, decentralized, and community-built AI-content engine

3) Making imagination and asset creation, a collective, social, and incentivized experience

-> you will get to know about this amazing feature very soon