BNB chain mainnet season 1

Get ready to start creating the best AI-generated NFTs on BNB Chain


We're thrilled to announce the launch of Orbofi AI on BNBChain, the most sophisticated and fastest-growing AI content engine for Web3 and games. Our mainnet will revolutionize the production of AI-generated gaming and media content on the blockchain, solidifying Orbofi AI as the number-one factory for AI content on Web3

The BNB CHAIN Mainnet season 1:

The mainnet season 1 campaign will encourage and incentivize people who create AI-generated NFTs on bnb chain, and will reward people with the best imagination and the people who create the highest number of AI-generated assets and NFT collections. Season 2 will be a different set of campaigns and will revolutionize how people create content together. It takes less than 1 minute to create an AI-generated NFT collection.

The top 10 who create the most AI-generated NFTs will share a prize pool of $10,000

Join the Orbofi AI Mainnet campaign

Create AI-generated NFTs for free around any type of gaming/media content. Create anything you can imagine, just write it, in any language. To create AI-generated NFTs in 30 seconds 1) Visit Orofi AI and sign-up

2) Imagine something, describe it in a few words, and press “generate” 3) Once generated, click on “select all, then tokenize all and fill up how you want your AI-generated NFT collection to be

4) Click on tokenize (make sure to have some bnb to pay for gas fees)

5) Once the page of your AI-generated NFT collection is live, copy and paste the link here to complete this quest, and share your creations on Twitter with hashtag #OrbofiAI


  • You can create as many AI-generated NFTs as you want, and it’s all FREE. you would have to only pay for gas fees

  • The TOP 10 who create the most AI-generated NFTs will share a prize pool of $10k


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