OBI smart contract and multi-sig

OBI token address on Ethereum: 0xBb3A8FD6Ec4bF0FDc6Cd2739b1e41192D12B1873

OBI token address on bnbchain:


Multi-sig address - Eth : 0x44Ef9DCec2CbAb655A6692D3E3e1810f7470f3B6 Addresses on the multi-sig Benjelloun Oussama: 0xE41be4d4D3b1bE81ECe3dF078A4Ec0b3C01C6c4C Kevin Amores: 0xf85EdcE74A0AE242c6BdcCbE708e77CDDd6Cc4Ac Elisha Bulalu: 0x063B4f7565C99e2B8F544a67E9A20C96D470f79d

Samuel Boylan sajous: 0xeF2DEE14dE8caE88B937b623b746ba536eC76cB4 There needs to be at least 2 signers out of the 4 to confirm a transaction

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