Revenue model

Orbofi implements a multi-level fee collection model, depending on how deep we get in the Social Metaverse.
Fees can be paid in $OBI, $ETH, $BNB or $MATIC, depending on the chains being used. Certain actions within the Orbofi Social metaverse only can be completed with $OBI.
Fee collection model.
on a surface level, there is a 5% fee that is being applied to every Transaction happening on the Orbofi ecosystem, which includes:
  • Social NFTs transaction fees
  • Virtual goods ( skins, accessories, land, avatars, passes) transactions fees
  • Branded virtual collectible sale and transactions fees
on a social metaverse level, there is a 5% transaction fee on every tx
How do the fees that Orbofi collects get distributed?
30% of the fees collected by Orbofi go to $OBI Stakers
60% goes to the Orbofi treasury
10% to the Orbofi impact fund. that is a community-owned and community-run non-for-profit fund that allocates resources to solve social problems around the world.