$OBI is used to:

  • Create and buy community tokens
  • Mint, Buy Land, and Sell
  • Buy Scenes (virtual environments), and virtual goods ( collectibles)
  • Act as a medium of exchange for all Assets and value ( Lands, community tokens, and virtual goods) transacted within the Orbofi Marketplace
in the future, once we roll the Mass-multiplayer world and the Orbofi experience creator, $OBI will be the main currency to pay for goods and services inside the immersive virtual experiences build by people, communities, and brands.
Orbofi introduces the "socialize-to-earn" model, which is a system that rewards participants who create and join Communities and create virtual Social Hubs inside their Land.

Earn $OBI:

  • Create and grow communities
  • Join communities
  • Own Land
  • Build virtual social hubs, scenes, and collectibles.
  • Land and $OBI Staking
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$OBI is used to:
Earn $OBI: