How it works

Community Orbs

The first thing to understand when deep-diving into Orbofi is "the Community Orbs". The creation of community Orbs is what keeps the Orbofi Metaverse expanding in size, every Community Orb gets its own immersive virtual land, where it can create any kind of virtual world and virtual experiences, and Earn from them.
Orbofi enables you to create and join Community Orbs : your own decentralized community spaces ( decentralized version of sub-reddits, discord servers, or facebook groups) + your own community tokens ( that governs their collective economic and incentive layer, and can act as the in-community currency) + your own Immersive Virtual Land, that acts as the Metaverse layer for your community and space, and hosts your virtual experiences.
These are the 3 layers that form a Community Orb, empowering people and communities to be independent, financially rewarded, decentralized, and fully immersed.
  • Decentralized community space: decentralized version of subreddits, discord servers, or Facebook groups. Community spaces are token-gated pages where people can share various forms of content including long or short format, images, videos, links, and voice notes. These are all hosted on decentralized cloud infrastructure, and are censorship-resistant (no one can censor you, not even us).
  • social tokens : tokens that act as access keys to the gated community orb and act as a non-fungible or fungible share of a community, entitling every holder to a stake of all the revenue generated within that orb. Token holders of a specific community are the ones able to read/write content, connect with people in that space, and access/build/monetize the community metaverse land. Community tokens need to be staked within the orb in order to receive stakes in the revenue (cNFT sales, land sales, collectibles/merchandise sale, and, in the future, in-community ads and other sources of income for community creators and members).
  • Community Land: your plot(s) of virtual land that hosts the experience; the scenes, environments, and collectibles that form your community social hub and virtual world

Learn about the smart-contracts used to make that happen

How does the Orbofi Virtual Land work?

How to earn

Orbofi introduces the "socialize-to-earn" model, which is a system that rewards participants who create and join communities, including virtual social hubs inside their land.
Earn $OBI:
  • Create and grow communities
  • Join other communities
  • Own land
  • Build virtual social hubs, scenes, and collectibles
  • Land and $OBI staking

Is it Pay-to-Play, or Free-to-Play?

By design, you can choose to be a watcher in a community or a participant.
When someone creates a totally free and open Community Orb it then becomes a Free-to-Play space; but, if there is a Community Token involved, then it is Pay-to-Play at the price fixed by the Community Creator.
The Community Token does not only represents the non-fungible ownership and stake in a community, which may or may not appreciate in value, it also:
  • acts as an access pass to the community and its virtual land, that enables you to participate in the conversation: post, comment, and connect with fellow members.
  • gives you full access to its community virtual land and virtual experiences.
  • makes you eligible to a stake of the revenue once you stake your community token.
  • keeps a circular economy between the ecosystem, and creates additional incentives for you, the creator, and all members involved.