The Orbofi Social Metaverse is not just an expanding virtual world, it is an idea. In it a decent family man anywhere in our physical world can own, build, and monetize a piece of virtual land, sitting on extremely rare materials next to the busiest area in the whole metaverse. No one can take it from him or colonize it.
It is where you can turn your wildest dreams into a virtual and augmented reality, creating any sort of environment, characters, experiences. You can invite others into your dream, and even make a living out of it. You are free to be anyone you want, without judgment and limitation. It is a place that screams freedom. You can create, trade, showcase, and earn from valuable assets and experiences that flow through multiple blockchains, assets that you may be incapable of owning in the physical world. It is where a connection can turn into love, and where, perhaps, we humans can realize that we’re deeply connected more than we realize.
It is a world that extends itself as far as the human mind and creativity can go, creating a true and immersive virtual extension of our world, culture, skills, assets, relationships, values, faith, and consciousness.
It is where organizations and brands can create more value and become more inclusive and fair with their communities that make them what they are. It is a place that respects privacy and personal boundaries, where good behaviors are rewarded and bad ones punished. It is a place where collective effort creates collective incentives. The possibilities are endless.
All enforced by code, not law.