Product roadmap, between Q3 2022 and Q1 2023
ecosystem roadmap

Q4 2021

  • Genesis of Orbofi
  • The formation of the Orbofi team
  • EVM Smart-contract development
  • Design of the Orbofi Virtual world, Social Hubs, scenes, and collectibles
  • Architecture modeling

Q1 2022

  • GamePlay development in unity and HomeLand demo deployment
  • Development of the Social-hub building system (drag and drop social-hubs)
  • Partnerships with selected world-class brands and artists to the Orbofi Land
  • Launch of the Playground for private community testing: Alpha version Multiplayer mode, limited to 3000 concurrent users
  • Partnerships with selected, large, and top token/NFT communities, DAOs to the Orbofi Land
  • Launch of the first branded social environments and the integration of different districts in the HomeLand

Q2 2022

  • Launch multiple new virtual worlds and branded worlds for brands, and top NFT communities
  • partnerships with world-renowned brands, Hollywood actors, Musicians, and prepare their branded experiences
  • Improvement of the Inventory system and integration of social-gamification models
  • laying out the foundation for procedural generation systems for the metaverse worlds builders tools
  • Alpha testing of the windows/mac clients ( as downloadable apps )
  • Weekly community testing sessions
  • Partnerships with guilds, and infrastructure platforms

Q3 2022

  • Launch of the public alpha of the Orbofi metaverse, with branded experiences with voice, text, and video chats
  • Private Sale of the Orbofi token ($OBI)
  • Partnerships with more world-class brands and artists to the Orbofi metaverse
  • NFT drop of first branded metaverse NFT
  • Public sale of the Orbofi token ($OBI), and exchange listing
  • Launch of the Metaverse Creator Program - for 3D environments designers
  • Airdrop of the first batch of the Orbofi NFTs: Social-hubs as NFTs, scenes, and collectibles
  • Launch multiple new social districts and branded worlds for brands, and top NFT communities
  • Alpha testing of the Orbofi Marketplace
  • Launch of the Metaverse DAO creator program
  • Release of the Orbofi AR-enabled Avatars
  • $OBI staking

Q4 2022

  • Multi-chain Land sale
  • Public Launch of the Beta version of the Orbofi social Metaverse, and the Orbofi Marketplace, deployed on Ethereum, Polygon, and BNBChain- powered by decentralized storage and compute infrastructure.
  • Alpha release of the Orbofi experience and economy builder ( the SDK for advanced game and world creators )
  • metaverse-creator program for advanced unity, and unrealEngine5 game developers
  • More partnerships with world-renowned brands and IPs and onboard them to the Orbofi metaverse
  • integration with more avatar systems and AR/VR technologies.
  • Launch of the AR-enabled Orbofi avatars
  • Preparation of the mobile app on Android and IOS