What is Orbofi

Welcome to the Orbofi Society

The First Social metaverse crossed with social tokens

Orbofi is a general-purpose virtual world, and the world's first multi-chain social metaverse that empowers individuals, communities, DAOs, brands, and organizations to create and grow their tokenized communities, in their own virtual lands, that they collectively own, build, populate with virtual experiences, and earn from them.
The Lands, community-token contracts and virtual worlds are deployed on EVM blockchains, starting with Ethereum, Polygon, and BNBChain
The HomeLand is the initial open virtual land, the starting point of the Orbofi social metaverse. It only grows from there. The more communities that are formed and virtual worlds/experiences created on top of them, the more land gets unlocked, until all lands get minted to form multi-chain hexagonal globes. Orbofi Social Metaverse is thus the first multi-chain and decentralized social metaverse, a massively open and expanding virtual world imagined and created by people, owned by their people, and monetized by their people.

Build this virtual world as you wish. No limits. Go crazy!

Explore the HomeLand

The HomeLand will be expanded with multiple major Social hubs that will be added to prior to Mainnet release

Orbofi is creating the most diverse, most inclusive, most sociable, and rewarding place in the Metaverse.

Wiki to start with:

why do we call it a social metaverse?

(In simple terms, "The Metaverse", is an interconnected galaxy of virtual worlds.
The keyword in this definition is "interconnected," interconnectivity being Orbofi's end-goal as it pursues the inclusive Metaverse. It is a social metaverse:
1) because Orbofi is by nature a decentralized social network with a metaverse layer (i.e. the immersive virtual world). It enables Communication in various formats ( text, voice, and video) and connects people and communities with a variety of interests and values in one virtual place, incentivizing them to collectively build their virtual worlds and experiences.
2) because not only does Orbofi enable people, communities, and DAOs to communicate, post content, and immerse themselves in the Orbofi Virtual World, but it also empowers them to collectively buy and manage lands from other virtual worlds as well. All from one place - Their Community Orbs.
In a nutshell, Orbofi makes it easy for communities to buy and manage different lands from different worlds.
A virtual world that is isolating itself is doomed to a quarantine effect; but, a virtual world that is interconnecting with different ecosystems and infrastructures is a true creator of diversity and opportunity. This is what the Metaverse is all about. )
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