What you can do with it


Earn by Creating a community with your own in-community currency, and your own virtual land
Create Virtual worlds and Immersive Virtual experiences, then EARN from them
Create 3D Scenes / 3D Collectibles, then turn them into NFTs, use them in your Land, or sell them
Create a DAO and raise funds for your mission by conducting a crowd sale for your community tokens- cNFTs - and gather every DAO member in your community-owned virtual Land

Individuals and Participants

Join a Community Orb, earn a stake from its revenue
EARN $OBI by Exploring the Orbofi Metaverse, participating in virtual experiences, and connecting with people and communities
Buy and Sell Virtual Lands, and rare Metaverse collectibles
Buy and Sell Community Tokens.
Bring your NFTs/JPEGs and turn them into your avatars

Brands and IPs

Reach a new audience and extend your footprint in the social metaverse
Launch your branded NFTs that have special in-metaverse utility, and get your community to claim them and utilize them
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Individuals and Participants
Brands and IPs