Avatars in the Social Metaverse

You can anyone or anything you want, or, even better, be yourself

An open, and extremely flexible Avatar system

Orbofi enables people to bring their Avatars and characters of choice, and will be enabling people to turn their favorite NFTs and JPEGs into 3D models to be utilized within the Orbofi World.
At the moment, Orbofi does not support native Avatars, ( not yet,
) but wants to be leveraging the immense NFT and Avatar community already established. We plan to work closely with the TOP NFT communities to turn their collections into 3D models, each with its own .glTF and .fbx file format, to make them composable, Portable, and usable as Avatars within Orbofi, and beyond
The first Avatar provider that Orbofi has decided to partner with and integrate is, ( the product and the user-experience are just top-notch). Orbofi plans on partnering with the top Avatar creation companies, that are dedicating their tools to the creation of Metaverse-enabled Avatars, and plans on helping them, and their avatars, to be used in the Social Metaverse.

Get your own avatar with one selfie