Creator program - Lands/Collectibles and Communities

Creator Program - Lands and Collectibles

1st Creator Program: Lands and Collectibles.
  • COME BUILD A NEW LAND! Calling the best 3D and game designers to come create the land which is the future of social metaverse. $200k rewards for the top 50.
    5% of the total supply will be allocated to builder incentives over the course of 5 years (part of the ecosystem allocation).
    Q1, Orbofi will be conducting a creator program where it will reward digital creators, land and collectibles builders, and scenes builders, for up to $200k in $OBI tokens. The top 50 will get a shared 200k: the first will get 50k, the second 25k, the third 10k, and a pool of $115k for the other top 47.
    "Who is the best 3D, low poly, in-game designer in the world?" If you think you are, come be an early builder and architect of the future of social metaverse.

    Goals and criteria

    • To kickstart the Orbofi metaverse with thousands of virtual collectibles and land environments/scenes that will populate the HomeLand and the Orbofi Marketplace. Built, owned, and monetized by creators.
    • To turn a multicultural human imagination into the initial community-owned virtual experiences and use cases that will power Chapter 1 of the HomeLand - our social metaverse.
    • To initiate an international "Italian renaissance" style of a new creation of virtual lands, architecture, art, virtual tools, and natural landscapes. All based across multiple blockchains, as NFTs.
    • To keep the whole Orbofi social metaverse aesthetically consistent, initial in-social assets and collectibles, land scenes, buildings, objects, anything that would populate your perfect virtual world, should be designed in:
    1) Low poly and 3D designs
    2) in .glTF/.fbx/.usdz formats, that are Unreal Engine and Unity compatible
    3) High-quality and well-rendered 3D models, with well-polished textures
    • Use the 3D modeling software of your choice: Blender, Cinema4D, BlockBench, etc.
    • Unleash your creativity and imagination - no limits! Not even file size. Just create the world and collectibles of your wildest dreams, or even recreate your favorite neighbor