Interconnection with other virtual worlds

In simple terms, the "Metaverse" is an interconnected world of virtual worlds.
The keyword in this definition is "interconnected" and this is what Orbofi considers as the end-goal in the pursuit of the Metaverse
Not only does Orbofi enable people, communities, and DAOs to immersive themselves in the Orbofi Virtual World, but it also empowers them to collectively buy and manage Lands from other virtual worlds as well. All from one place - their Community Orbs.
In a nutshell, Orbofi makes it easy for Communities to own and manage different lands from different worlds.
A virtual world that is isolating itself, is doomed to a quarantine effect, but a virtual world that is interconnecting with different ecosystems and infrastructures, is a true creator of diversity and opportunity. This is what the "Metaverse" is all about.

How it works

For the Beta version, Orbofi will only integrate the current top blockchain-based Metaverse players, both deployed on Ethereum - TheSandBox and Decentraland. The main interconnection feature will be the ability for any given Community and DAO on Orbofi, to do a crowd sale for their community tokens (cNFTs) to purchase a piece of land that they wish to own on other virtual worlds, not just on Orbofi, and fractionalize its ownership among their cNFT holders.
Orbofi plans to work closely with multiple Metaverse platforms across EVM chains, to integrate the appropriate APIs and infrastructure to enable seamless purchases of their lands, as well as seamless assets and collectible portability from one network to another.