Social Metaverse NFTs: Lands, scenes, and collectibles - NFTs

Types of Lands and assets

There are different types of NFTs that exist in the Orbofi virtual world, ranging from the Land itself that hosts communities, people and their virtual experiences, to the Scenes, Objects, and collectibles that populate the Lands. All of Orbofi NFTs are AR/VR-enabled, including the land itself.
Orbofi Hexagonal Globe - Chapter 1

Scenes are non-fungible tokens - ERC721 and ERC155 ( depending on the rarity) that are fully composed, rendered, and textured virtual environments, bundled into different assets and objects, that empower you to easily place complete social hubs and virtual experiences in one go.
Scenes are virtual properties, that enable you to easily create immersive virtual environments for yourself and community, and turn them into virtual experiences that you can monetize. A Scene is any kind of Complete environment that acts as a small or large social hub in any given Community or personal Land, as well as natural landscapes. It can literally be anything, from a virtual shop, virtual school, shopping mall, concert scene, to a sports/battle field, or even your own private virtual community Palace, or even better, bring the Eifel tour or other Super Rare world landmarks to your Land.
Creating attractive communities and virtual worlds that you can monetize, depend on the attractiveness of the scenes you're placing in your Community Land. Scenes can either be purchased on the Orbofi Marketplace or created and uploaded directly if you're a creator, Create your own scenes, or buy them from the Orbofi Marketplace. - Create

Assets and collectibles

Assets and collectibles are AR/VR-enabled NFTs that have in-metaverse utility. They populate your land and complement your scenes, enhancing the experiences you're creating. You can buy and sell all collectibles at the Orbofi Marketplace.
If you're a low-poly 3D creator, you can even create your own assets and collectibles, upload them to the Marketplace, choose in which chain you want them to live, and sell or utilize them as you wish. Create
Orbofi Collectibles are built on the ERC1155 or ERC721 standards and are deployable on Ethereum, Avalanche, and Polygon. - Marketplace coming soon.
Example of a collectible being placed on the land:

Branded and Premium NFTs:

Branded and premium NFTs
Orbofi will be introducing a number of branded and premium NFTs (scenes and collectibles) as part of our plan to collaborate with multiple world-class brands and IPs. Branded and premium collectibles will have specific in-metaverse and in-community utilities and can be accessed on the Orbofi Marketplace.