Create AI asset

Create AI-asset with text : Text-to-image

1) Go to the creator portal

2) Type anything you want to be creating

Type literally anything you have in mind, in this example we want to create a full-body character of a robot samurai, because why not? | once you enter the text, click on the settings icon to open the settings tab, you can choose the number of images you want to generate, the CFG scale, the steps, and the aspect ratio as well

3) Generate

4) Tokenize on the blockchain

  • Firs things first, in order to tokenize your assets on the blockchain( aka: make them as NFTs) you would need to connect your wallet to the chain where you want your assets to live in, either on Polygon, or BNBchain. One you connect your wallet to either one, make sure you have a tiny bit of BNB or MATIC ( depending on which chain you are) to be able to pay for gas fees. gas fees are network fees. Tokenization is free, but gas fees are required to be processed in order for a blockchain transaction to be processed by the network.
  • The Tokenization process is creating a unique smart contract for the asset, or collection you're tokenizing - depending on the number of assets that you're tokenizing - 2 or more automatically get tokenized and displayed as a collection. in this case, a collection of robot samurai characters
  • Fill in the fields: name, chain, price you want to be charging for these goods, max supply, your royalty, and the symbol