A utility token powering the new AI age of virtual factories, virtual economies, and entire AI-generated virtual worlds, governed by humans and communities, computed by state-of-the-art AI models.

What is the Orbofi token?

Orbofi token ( $OBI) is an ERC20 utility and governance token that acts as an in-app and in-ecosystem currency, that powers the entire production and distribution of all AI-generated content on web3 applications, games, and media apps.

$OBI powers built-in virtual good factories that not only revolutionize virtual good production at a global scale, disrupting the $180 billion gaming/design industry, but also produce entire standalone gaming and media ecosystems, cultural movements, and govern state-of-the-art AI content models and their economies developed and deployed on the Orbofi infrastructure.

The Role of $OBI as a currency to govern the decentralized economy of AI-powered virtual good factories, and user-generated AI models

It is expected that in the next 5-7 years, more than 50% of all visual content online will be AI-generated. Gaming and media content are the ones that are most impacted and are being disrupted quickly. New economies and marketplaces will be emerging that fuel transactions around AI-generated assets, the AI models that generate them, and the apps where they're being used.

As there is a massive need for an open consolidated infrastructure and platform, that empowers individuals and developers to create AI-generated assets for their apps, games, or just for their own personal purposes, create their own virtual good factories, aka AI models, and be able to monetize them in a seamless, trustless, and decentralized way, there is also a massive need for a digital currency that governs this massive creator economy in a decentralized way.

That is $OBI's main role, to power the economy of all AI-generated content on web3, games, and media, act as the main medium of exchange, and act as the main currency that fuels the economy of user-generated AI models/factories, enabling individuals and developers to monetize their AI assets, and their Asset factories.

By the end of this decade, There will be hundreds of millions of AI-generated assets on web3, millions of user-generated virtual factories/AI models, and hundreds of thousands of AI-generated 3D virtual worlds. All powered by the Orbofi infrastructure and $OBI

What are $OBI utilities?

Orbofi token distribution

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