Social Use cases

Create any kind of open, or token-gated, social hub and virtual experience/virtual world.

A few examples of social hubs and social experiences that can be deployed on Orbofi.

1) Bring your office and your team members to the Metaverse, and communicate live.
2) Expand your business and your products and services to the Metaverse
3) Come perform live in the metaverse, stand-up comedy, art showcase, organize your metaverse party
4) Open a Metaverse School, and extend your educational platform and content to the Metaverse
5) Open your Metaverse Store and add it to virtual malls next to the biggest brands, or even create your own virtual mall and monetize it.
6) Connect with new clients, partners, or future employers in Open Business networking Lands, or open your business networking district.
7)Meet the love of your life in the Dating district
8) Create your own personal metaverse space just for you and family and friends, and extend your regular web2 group to a more immersive, and more fun experience
9) Create your own gamified virtual experience for you and your Guild
10) Create any kind of social hub and virtual experience for you and your community, that you can monetize as you wish

Learn more about how to create and place your own social hub in your virtual land.